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About Unlock Samsung Galaxy

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy cannot get simpler then this! That’s right, just provide us with the IMEI number of you Samsung along with the service provider it is locked to, and we will email you back your phone’s unique unlock code provided by Samsung itself within 1-24 hours. Your code will arrive along with our easy to follow instructions on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy using our service, is the only legal, safe, and most efficient method possible that will guarantee your success without opening, soldering, or installing any third party software that may void your warranty, factory services, or even cause your phone to stop functioning.

The whole process on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy is very simple to follow and can be done by anyone just following 3 easy steps:

  1. 1) Insert any SIM Card you wish to use and power the phone on.
  2. 2) Enter the unlock code when prompted.
  3. 3) Your phone is unlocked.

We do unlock to Galaxy S, S2, S3, Note Etc…
There is no need for any technical knowledge or any computer skills to complete the unlock Samsung Galaxy process. To make things easier, we also provide unique instructional video explaining how the complete process is done.

Once unlocked, you will have the freedom to use any GSM SIM Card you wish, switch between network carriers, and even travel between different countries without paying any roaming charges. Unlocking Samsung galaxy will also raise its resell value and allow you to use it to its full potentials without being tied down to a contract. Even after software upgrades or a factory reset, your Samsung will remain unlocked forever!

We will always be glad to assist you with your unlocking needs. We strive for customer satisfaction and therefore available any time, twenty-four hours a day. We offer phone and online chat support for a quick customer service.

Customer's feedback Add Comment
SHANNON says:-
Fri 30 Dec 16 , 10:30:23 AM
worked like a charm. but they were slow getting me code. site says 1-24 hours. was almost three days...they tried to cover it up by saying the site said 1-4 days. when I was looking right at the site
Justin Rhea says:-
Fri 10 Oct 14 , 02:29:21 AM
Its amazing, first I didn't believe it will work at the first try, but it DID!!!! Please try this service, I highly recommend it!!!! Thanks UnlockGalaxyS
Laura says:-
Thu 27 Feb 14 , 01:15:01 AM
AWESOME, I paid for code before I went to sleep and woke up with the code. I have a working Galaxy S4 Active again. Thank you so very much.
Victoria says:-
Mon 17 Dec 12 , 10:21:28 AM
Worked great!
farmely says:-
Mon 12 Nov 12 , 18:27:28 PM
thanks guys, worked on first try. galaxy s3